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Savinelli Tevere Rustic 111 6mm Briar Pipe

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Single Boxed Briar Pipe £69.99

  • Overall Length: 153mm
  • Overall Height: 51mm
  • Bowl Height: 51mm
  • Bowl Diameter: 39mm
  • Bore: 21mm
  • Weight: 49g
  • Cloth Pipe Bag
  • Gift Boxed

Savinelli, the worlds No.1 selling pipe Ferrari have given the Italians a reasonable edge in the world of motoring but that’s not all they strive at. Since 1876 Savinelli have kept the Italians at the pinnacle of the pipe manufacturing game! Putting the Italian legacy behind us for a minute if you were to look at the Savinelli range you could be forgiven for thinking they are a classic high end British made pipe. We have received a number of comments over the years from our high-end pipe customers who believe the quality of the briar and the finish of Savinelli pipes exceed what is strongly regarded as the epitome of the pipe world and they don’t demand the same price tag (No names mentioned as we are British through and through)

Savinelli Tevere Briar Pipes: The Savinelli Tevere gets its moniker after the Italian name for the river Tiber that runs through the city of Rome down to the Tyrrhenian sea. The Tevere range offers a deep walnut stain in either Smooth or Rustic, Finished with a black acrylic stem and a gold-coloured Greek meander styled band. The 111 is a classic straight Billiard with a tapered stem. Each pipe fits a 6mm filter and is included with a pack of Savinellis 6mm Balsa filters.

6mm Balsa wood filter Unique to Savinelli is their Balsa wood filter system. The triangular shape does not form a seal in the bore of the pipe so allows an unrestricted full flavoured draw but the extremely porous and highly absorbent nature of the Balsa wood is very effective at removing moisture and impurities from the smoke.

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